From vegetarian to meat & seafood, and from cream soups to clear broths; we try to offer a diverse range of menu choices to satisfy your desires.

One trait that all of these recipes have, is that they were developed to have as little sodium as possible, yet be full of great flavor.

How is this done?

First of all, we start with a beautiful broth.  

Bes’Dam Soup broths are not made with high-sodium bases like many others.  Our broths have much less sodium, and rely more on the flavor that nature provides.

Secondly, we are artists in using the proper herbs and spices to enhance each soup’s flavor.  
We also finish many of these with cooking wines which bring the flavor to a whole ‘nuther level after the alcohol cooks off.  

At the end, if any flavor needs a little touch to enhance it to perfection, we use a bit of sea salt, not regular salt.  

The difference is that sea salt is about 20% stronger in flavor than regular salt, so you use less.  

About ten years ago, we converted all of our recipes from regular salt to sea salt.  When we first tested it, we didn’t change our measurements.  The tests resulted in soups that were too salty.  So, our chefs reduced the amount by 20% and we got the same original great soups, but now with less sodium!

So, although we don’t advertise these as “Low Sodium”, which is along the line of “hospital food”, please compare our nutritional labels to others out there and you’ll see the difference.

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