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Are Bes’Dam Soups all-natural?

Yes, all of our soups have “clean ingredients” and are all-natural with no preservatives or additives.  Just like you’d make at home.  

Are the soups healthy?

Yes, but of course some are healthier than others.  If someone is on a diet, the vegetable soups are hearty and satisfying.  But if you eat Lobster Bisque every day, you’ll probably develop a close relationship with your cardiologist.

Just like any “home-made” food, make smart choices, with everything in moderation.

Also, click on the Nutrition tab at the top of this page to see how our soups have lower sodium than many others out there.

Will the soups arrive frozen? How do I prepare them?

Yes, they're quick frozen from the kettle to lock in the fresh experience!  You can keep them in your freezer, or unopened in your fridge for up to 6 days.  

When you're ready, don’t add water or anything.  Just heat by either simmering the unopened pouch in hot water; open into a bowl and microwave; or pour into a pan for stove-top heating.  

So convenient for home, work or travel, you can have it ready in under 2 minutes!

How long does it take to get my order?

We try to ship out orders within 24 hours, and we ship from Monday through Friday with UPS.  

So, if you place your order on Friday, it’ll go out the next Monday.

Depending on the destination, most orders then arrive within 1-3 business days.

When your order ships, we’ll immediately email you with the tracking information.

Do you offer an auto-ship choice to help make this part of my regular grocery shopping?

Yes, in fact if you choose to do this, we’ll give you an automatic 15% discount from our regular prices.  We put you in charge; just tell us what you want and when you want it.  Then just forget about it and we’ll take care of the rest (See Auto Ship at the top of the page for more information).

Where are the soups made?

In the beautiful United States of America!