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Our Unique Method

Our Unique Method

Our Unique Way of Cooking

When Bes’Dam Soup was first created in 2005, we made a commitment to offering “High-End Restaurant” quality foods at a family price.

Also, we made a commitment to doing this with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives or MSG; just like you would cook in your own kitchen.

We succeeded in doing so by packaging them in large, frozen, boil-in-bag pouches.

In 2022, Bes’Dam Soup improved further upon this, by packaging all of our same delicious soups, bisques, chowders and chili in convenient 1-2 serving pouches.  The best part, these do not require refrigeration or freezing.  

Now, you can have a delicious meal or two from each pouch, ready in under two minutes!  

How do we do this with no preservatives or additives?

A (not so) new process is available now, which came out around 2017.  

You have probably seen other foods prepared this way in the supermarket; sometime they’re in a small carton, or in a plastic pouch.  

It basically involves super-heating the soups in their individual pouches and sealing them while in a sterile heat tunnel.  This method results in a sealed pouch with no live pathogens or preservatives.  Now, you have all of the conveniences that being shelf-stable offers, along with the same great flavor of our Bes’Dam Soups.  

As always; everything is prepared with love and is all-natural.

We look forward to having you and your family enjoy everything from our menu, and humbly thank you for choosing Bes’Dam Soup!

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